Brandon Anthony

Founder and Creator of CannabisDANCE+FITNESS, Movement2Music, BodyROCK and Pop Video | Co-Creator of YogaWorks DanceWorks | Choreographer | Artist

We can always smoke a lot of weed and get “high”, but what if the goal isn’t to get stoned, but to get Elevated? We can learn to use cannabis to elevate and deepen our experiences, allowing us to stay present while exploring and expanding ourselves and the world around us.
— Brandon Anthony, Founder and Creator of CannabisDANCE+FITNESS


An elevated experience...

CREATED by Brandon Anthony

cannabis and cbd infused bodyrock, movement2music, and yoga

There is truly nothing quite like Cannabis dance + fitness. You tailor your Cannabis experience to your comfort level- from none to lifted. There is zero judgment either way and everyone is there with one goal in mind: to connect with their bodies in a mindful and meaningful way.
You release all of your inhibitions at Cannabis Dance and allow your body to be guided by the music. It’s a celebration of your existence in the purest form. There’s an almost primal nature to it in the most beautiful way.
Cannabis fitness is the counter balance to cannabis dance in the best way possible. You are focused, determined, and driven throughout the entire experience. You compete with your own doubts and come out on top, empowered by the knowledge that you pushed yourself to seemingly impossible limits ( that many burpees was a seemingly impossible task!!!!)
Cannabis dance and fitness is truly for everyone. It’s an experience that you can tailor to your own comfort level. Brandon’s ability to make each individual feel like they have grown in every way possible is remarkable. Discover your best self with Brandon at Cannabis Dance + Fitness!
— Mindy, Teacher and Mother