Brandon Anthony

Music and Dance Artist B ANTHONY | Founder and Creator of Naked Men's Yoga and CannabisMOVEMENT| Co-Creator of YogaWorks DanceWorks



While studying theater in Chicago, Brandon experienced a freestyle movement for actors class called Movement to Music that changed his life.  While the purpose of the training was geared towards acting, the class became something different for Brandon.  It became therapy.  Something he could do on his own, alone in a studio, that gave him peace and clarity.  He decided he wanted to figure out a way to share that feeling with Everyone.  Not just actors in school, but people of all backgrounds.  Not for the purpose of creating a character, but for finding your own character!  Movement2Music for everyone became his dream.     

A guided free form musical journey. No Choreography. Just moving, feeling, and Living to the Music.

Anyone with a love of music and a desire to express and connect will enjoy!

Get Grounded. In the Earth. In Yourself.
Learn to Trust Yourself, your Impulses, your Body
Expand your range and ability to Communicate w/o words
Self Love, Knowledge, and Understanding
Connection to Self and Others
Therapy. No judgement Zone, Safe space to Feel
Ignite your Creativity
Artistic Expression, Character Development
Heart and Body Opening

"There's zero choreography and zero judgment--just an incredible musical set list and a safe space to groove, play, emote, connect, and move the way the music makes you feel. You'll leave a Movement2Music workshop feeling lighter, more energized, more inspired, and more in tune with yourself." - Diana

"Brandon’s Movement2Music classes are hands down one of the most amazing artistic and spiritual outlets out there. I haven’t experienced anything like it before. No matter who you are or what you are going through, being part of this class helps to heal and restore your mind and soul. Brandon seamlessly creates an open space with no judgment, no restrictions and ultimately no fear. His classes give you the freedom to explore yourself through movement. You don’t have to be a dancer or an artist to fully appreciate this class. It is literally for everybody and that’s the beauty of it. For an hour you’re welcome to share your journey with like-minded people who come together to give and take, celebrate and connect with each other and leave everything on the floor the good and the bad. It’s therapy in the most fun way as Brandon’s playlists are beautifully crafted to enhance and guide through the experience. I recommend this class to everyone. Trust me you’ll feel so much better and lighter after taking Movement2Music." - Michael

"It's a highly emotional and cathartic experience. Without the safety of choreography, you make yourself a little vulnerable and let the music guide you. There is no wrong step. There is no wrong move. No one cares or even notices what others are doing because everyone is so wrapped up in their own journey. At the end, everyone walks away having healed something that they didn't even know was broken. There's something beautiful about strangers coming together, creating art, and walking away better versions of themselves." - Mindy

"Brandon's Movement Classes are truly transformative! I've walked into class feeling like a general hot mess- sleepy, stressed, fatigued, depressed, anxious, frustrated and have walked out feeling like a completely different person, refreshed and energized. Brandon's philosophy of healing through movement is apparent as he holds space for people to fully access and enjoy their bodies. What a gift to have a teacher that truly believes all people deserve space to feel, to breath and to move!" - Jackson

"I took Movement2Music with Brandon for the first time this past Sunday October 30th and WOW!! It was beyond what i expected. I have a dance background but have not taken classes consistently in years due to body image issues and just being in fear. Taking this reminded me of why I love dance. It connected me to the music and It became a moving meditation. It wasn't about what I could get out of the class it was about what I could give and how I could feed off other people's energy. Brandon made us all feel safe, seen, and he brought out our inner warrior. He guided us on a journey to self awareness and love and helped us dig deep and not be afraid about what other people think. I recommend this class to everyone! It is a safe space and so much fun!!!" - Viviana


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