Brandon Anthony

Music and Dance Artist B ANTHONY | Founder and Creator of Naked Men's Yoga and CannabisMOVEMENT| Co-Creator of YogaWorks DanceWorks

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A guided free form musical journey. No Choreography. Just moving, feeling, and Living to the Music.

Anyone with a love of music and a desire to express and connect will enjoy!

Get Grounded. In the Earth. In Yourself.
Learn to Trust Yourself, your Impulses, your Body
Expand your range and ability to Communicate w/o words
Self Love, Knowledge, and Understanding
Connection to Self and Others
Therapy. No judgement Zone, Safe space to Feel
Ignite your Creativity
Artistic Expression, Character Development
Heart and Body Opening

$18 in advance / $22 at the door.  Head over to to get your tix!

Later Event: April 30